Bhaswati Guha - Supervisor: Prof Bill Lee
An environmental scientist with expertise on developing treatment processes for sites contaminated with hazardous wastes. I worked in this area for about 6 years and have successfully developed remediation processes that have been applied onsite at the Union Canal in Scotland (by Land and Water Services Ltd. and British Waterways) and by Rhodia, France (now acquired by Solvay Group) to clean up one of their PCB contaminated site. Over the 6 years I have worked in academia as a Postgraduate Research Assistant and for Arcadis UK as an Environmental Consultant. At Imperial College, I am working with Professor Bill Lee on a project funded by Hitachi Ltd to research on immobilisation of spent adsorbents from Fukushima to investigate the durability of wasteforms through experimentation and homogeneous/heterogeneous modelling. My future research interest is on developing cost-effective treatment technologies for both radioactive materials and radioactive ground contamination. In addition I am interested in researching on the biogeochemical and geochemical interactions of radionuclides in the environment.

I am also an MBA with a Distinction from Middlesex University and have worked in several organisations in various management capacities. I serve on Carbon Trust’s Impartiality Committee, as a member, to audit their product carbon foot printing process. I am a Fellow and an Ambassador of The Chartered Management Institute. I am a member of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. In my spare time I support The National Autistic Society and have been the Trustee of Women’s Environmental Network. I also enjoy horse riding and painting in my spare time.


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