The ImperialCambridge and Open University (ICO) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Nuclear Energy provides applicants with a world class background in nuclear technology, funded by the EPSRC (£4M). In the first year, students are provided with a solid background in the core physics and engineering of building and operation of nuclear reactors via the MSc in Nuclear Engineering, hosted at Imperial College. In the final three months of the year, students undertake a research project to provide them with the necessary skills and a taster of future PhD research. Following successful completion of the MSc and choice of an appropriate PhD project, students then conduct world leading research supervised by academic experts at either Imperial College, the University of Cambridge or the Open University usually working with our network of industrial collaborators to focus their work on a real world engineering problem.

Training within the CDT in Nuclear Energy builds on the UK, and global, commitment to new build of nuclear reactors to meet both our future energy demands and our responsibility to reduce carbon-emissions. To support this ‘nuclear renaissance’, students will aid development and expansion of the associated R&D, regulatory support and supply-chain. In addition to the exciting new build programme, we also must enhance the life extension programmes of the current UK nuclear fleet in order to bridge the energy gap until the new reactors are on-line. This will require cutting edge research in materials ageing, fuel lifeing and waste management. Furthermore, we must maintain a heritage of 'good husbandry' and ensure that storage of nuclear waste and decommissioning of nuclear plant is handled safely and securely for future generations.

Nuclear engineering is an exciting field which needs a new generation of future leaders. The CDT programme will provide students  a firm footing in the industry, with a solid academic training programme, as well as providing new innovation and research new technologies to maintain capability, explore new opportunities for growth and expansion of the global nuclear landscape.